Stations and Apparatus


Station One


Our primary station and the primary station for the Eastern Fire District is located on South Main Street in downtown Wetumpka.  It houses the administrative offices,communications room, our 4 full time firefighters, a meeting room, and an exercise room. Equipment housed here includes Engine 1, Ladder 1, and Rescue 1, Unit 1, Brush 1 and 3 rescue boats.



Engine One

Average Reaction Time:  1:55
Average Response Time: 5:32Engine 1









Ladder One

Average Reaction Time: 2:31
Average Response Time: 5:00
Ladder One

Rescue One

Average Reaction Time:1:05
Average Response Time: 6:57

Rescue Boat

Average Reaction Time: 3:15
Average Response Time: 4:00
Rescue Boat