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Drainage System Maintenance

Ordinance 92-3, Section 62-9. Depositing garbage in streams, sewers and similar places.

It shall be unlawful for any person to sweep, throw, deposit or cause to be swept, thrown or deposited into or on any canal, stream, public water drain, sewer or receiving basin within the city, any garbage, rubbish or other refuse or to permit such materials to accumulate in such a manner that it may be carried and deposited into or on any of such place by action of rain, wind and or snow.

Storm Water and Drainage Maintenance Uniform Maintenance Procedures

To insure that all storm water drainage ditches are maintained and inspected per schedule.  Maintenance and inspection records are kept up to date.


  1. The Director of Public works will be responsible for administering maintenance procedures. The Director shall inspect all storm water and drainage ditches, to insure optimum flow.
  2. Maintenance that involves state or county lands / properties shall be coordinated with the appropriate persons and / or agencies.
  3. City of Wetumpka personnel shall not maintain ditched located on private lands, unless an easement has been granted. if an easement has been granted, the City of Wetumpka personnel shall not enter said easement, except to inspect or perform scheduled maintenance.


  1. Uniform maintenance procedures and inspections apply to the following types of ditches.

a. Open Ditches
b. Concrete Ditches
c. Culverts


  1. The Director of Public Works or his designee shall inspect all drainage ditches once every two months.
    1. If problems are noted during inspections, the drainage ditch must be inspected upon  completion of work, noting the time, dates, and action taken.
  2. The Director of Public Works or his designee, shall inspect all ditches after each storm, to insure that debris is removed before another storm.
  3. The Director of Public Works or his designee, shall inspect all complaints submitted by
    residents or Health Inspector, or other public office.
  4. If problems are noted during an inspection, the inspector shall describe the problem
    on the drainage ditch inspection log, and follow up to insure corrections are made.
    1. The person inspecting the ditch, shall note on the form describing the ditch, problems
      noticed and other pertinent information.
    2. The Director of Public Works will be responsible for designating a crew to make needed
      corrections in a timely manner. If a problem is located on private property, or other
      public entity, a copy of report shall be forwarded to the proper authority.
    3. The supervisor of the work crew will be responsible for recording work performed on
      drainage ditch where work was assigned.
    4. The drainage ditch log shall be reviewed by Director or his designee at the end of every


    Typical maintenance and maintenance problems are :
    1. Clearing vegetation by means of weed eater, or mowing equipment such as a bush hog.
    2. Naturally occurring debris such as fallen trees, logs and limbs.
    3. Animal obstructions such as beaver dams.
    4. Trash, tires, appliances, furniture, or other items discarded.
    5. Obstructions in culverts, blocking the flow of water through the drainage ditch.
Flood information: www.floodsmart.gov