Route Schedules



Holtville Road - 2155 (greater is out of service area)

Pauline Circle

Ann Parkway

River Chase

Country Club Drive

Country Club Loop

James Street

Kim Court

Suwanee Court

Chapel Road

Coosa River Parkway

Cotton Lakes Boulevard (east)

McDonald Drive

Barnes Court

Wittjen Court

Cotton Lakes Boulevard (west)

Hallock Drive

Fanoni Lane

Stone River Loop

Elmore Road (to city limit sign)

Coosa River Parkway

W. Bridge Street

Pecan Drive / Outhlacoochee Street

Dozier Street

S. Alabama Street

N. Bridge Street

Marshall Street

E. Coosa Street

Cotton Street

E. Osceola Street

E. Tallassee Street

E. Tuskeena Street

E. Micanopy Street

Lancaster Street

Forrest Avenue

Queen Ann Road

Hillside Trailer Park (pick up at dumpster)

Rivercrest Drive (pick up at dumpster)

Rolling Ridge Apartments (pick up at dumpster)

River Oaks Boulevard

River Oaks Drive

River Oaks Court

Shade Tree Court

Oak Crest Court

River Park Court

River Ridge Street

Jackson Street

Pelham Street

Lee Street

Richard Road

W. Charles Avenue

Gunter Avenue

Bruce Street

Gunter Court

Crommelin Court

Crommelin Drive

Ross Road

Fort Toulouse Road

Village Loop Trailer Park (pick up at dumpster)

Kennedy Trailer Park (pick up at dumpster)

Dove Hill Road

Old Montgomery Highway

Bell Parkway

E. Charles Avenue

Elizabeth Street

Henry Street

Bell Street


N.W. Main Street

W. Bridge Street

N. Alabama Street

Cross Street

North Street

Clark Street

Government Street

W. Coosa Street

N Bridge Street

W. Tuskeena Street

Autauga Street

W. Bridge Street

N. N Broad Street

W. Tallassee Street

N. W. Main Street

Micanopy Street

N. Opothleohola Street

W. Bridge Street

N. Pine Street

W. Osceola Street

N. Opothleohola Street

Austin Street 500

N. Pine Street

W. Osceola Street

Autauga Street

W. Bridge Street

Cedar Court

Coosa River Parkway

Jackson Trace

River Road

Georgia Road (to the city limit sign)

Huckelberry Lane

Martin Drive

Eagle Creek Drive

Creekview Drive

Jeanette Barrett Boulevard

Tallassee Highway (to the city limit sign)

Company Street

Peak road

Mansion Street

Spring Street

Green Street

Fish Street

W. Osceola Street

N. Bridge Street

W. Micanopy Street

N. Alabama Street

N.W. Main Street

Micanopy Street 500

Micanopy Street1000

W. Osceola Street

Airey Street

Austin Street 1000

Autauga Street

Kelly Fitzpatrick Road

H.H. Robison Drive

Coosa River Parkway

Penton Lane

S. Pine Street

W.S. Boundary Street

S. Short Street

N. Short Street

Rouse Street

Ouiwatumpkis Street

Curlee Street

Milly Francis Street

S. Broad Street

Outhlacoochee Street

S.W. Main Street

W. Bridge Street

S. Shelby Street

W. Bridge Street

S. Opothleohola Street

Ouiwatumpkis Street

Wilson Street

Knight Street

Hillside Drive

Enslen Road

Brookside Drive

Old Montgomery Highway

Harrogate Springs Road - 2175 (greater is out of service area)

Jasmine Hill Road (to the city limit sign)

Orline Street

Hill Street

Ready Street

South Main Street

E. Commerce Street

Court Street

E. Bridge Street

W. Commerce Street

Wharf Street

E.S. Boundary Street


Shockula Court

Shockula Lane

Wilkerson Street

Wellington Boulevard

King Silas Court

St. Thomas Avenue

King Martin

Dead End Streets

Mansion Street (Company Street)

Alley (behind Harden Hardware)

Wall Street (E. Osceola Street)

Cotton Street (E. Osceola Street)

Nolen Lane (Holtville Road)

N. Board Street (off cross Street)

Cedar Court (W. Bridge Street)

N. Shelby Street (W. Tuskeena Street) ( W. Osceola Street)

Alley (on Austin 500)

W. Boundary Street

Forrest Avenue

Wilkerson Street

Emerson Street

Indian Hill Drive

Camelia Drive

Brookside Drive

Howards Hill Drive

Vasser Street (Katherine Street)

Dove Hill Drive

Otter Track Road

170 Spur

Woodland Drive (170 Spur)

If you have a question concerning the Route Schedules, call the Director of Public Works at 334-567-1329.