Trash Pick-Up

Curbside Trash Pick-Up

City of Wetumpka Code of Ordinances, Section 62-12 states: Building debris, such as scrap lumber, plaster, concrete, brickbats, and all other debris generated in the repair or remodeling of any building or structures, or tree stumps, tree trunks and dirt, on private property will not be removed by Advanced Disposal or City of Wetumpka trash trucks, but the owner of the property shall cause the waste to be removed from the premises. Property owners will be responsible for obtaining a building permit where applicable, and a landfill permit. If the services are performed by hired individual or contractor, the hired individual or contractor, shall be responsible for obtaining a building permit where applicable, and a landfill permit to insure proper disposal of debris.

Individuals or anyone operating a lawn / yard maintenance business are required to purchase a business license from the Revenue Office at City Hall. If you hire an individual, or a business, to cut your yard, or trim limbs and hedges, cut down trees, etc., they will be responsible for removing the debris from your yard. They must purchase a landfill permit in order to deposit limbs, grass clippings, or other types of yard debris into the City of Wetumpka Landfill. Landfill permits may be purchased from the Revenue Office at City Hall. The phone number is 567-5147.

Lawn mowing, trimming shrubs and limbs from trees and other yard management activities produce various kinds of debris. If you maintain your own lawn, you should place grass clippings or leaves, in boxes or bags (not to exceed 50 pounds) and place close to the edge of the pavement, or the curb, in front of your home. Limbs or other types of yard waste may not protrude into the street or sidewalk. Trees or tree limbs may not be more than six (6) feet long and / or twenty-four (24) inches in diameter.

From October 1st until April 15th of each year, grass clippings and leaves may be placed near the pavement edge, or curb, without being bagged or boxed. During those months, the City of Wetumpka operates a vacuum leaf machine to pick up clippings or leaves. Limbs, branches, or other trimmings from trees may be picked up by City of Wetumpka trash trucks. Limbs may be collected by a chipper / truck so that it may be recycled for mulch, which may available without charge to the public, and may be acquired at the Recycle Center 212 E. Charles Avenue. The phone number is 567-1334.

City of Wetumpka Code of Ordinances, Section 62-10, prohibits anyone from depositing debris or waste of any kind into the streets, or curb and gutter. Grass clippings that are discharged by any lawn mowers or dumped onto the street, or curb and gutter, stop up storm drains and prohibit optimum flow. Mowers should discharge grass back into the yard not onto the streets.  During hard rains, blocked storm drains back up water into the street. This causes flooding of streets and property.