Council Agenda


Council Meeting

Monday, June 21, 2021

City Council Chambers, 212 S. Main St.

6:00 p.m. Work Session/Council Meeting tofollow but no later than 7:00 p.m.



Citizensí Comments (Ord. 2016-8)

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        Call to Order   MayorJerry Willis


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        Approval of Minutes-Council Meeting held on June7, 2021


1.     Permissionto proceed with removal of the in-place tank closure at the Wetumpka Airport. (J.Creel) (second)

2.      Approve herbicide application onriverbank. (C. Brown) (second)

3.     Approvenew power meter at 311 E. Tallassee St. for Riverwalk. (C. Brown) (second)


4.     Permissionfor the Library Board Chair to sign contract with Alabama Public LibraryService for ARPA grant. (Library)

5.      Permission to purchase vehicle forSenior Center from ALDOT at a cost of $14,781. (D. Steed) (first)

6.      Ordinance 2021-2-amendment to thezoning ordinance regarding motel/transient lodging and tourist home/bed &breakfast. (J. Barrett) (first)

7.      Permission to receive bids for theinstallation of parking and security lights for the home side parking area atthe new football field. (J. Barrett)(first)

8.      Permission to enter into contractwith Elmore County Commission to pave the visitors Parking Area at the newSports Complex. (J. Barrett) (first)

9.      Permission to enter into agreementwith the County to pave and stripe (as needed) North Bridge Street (fromHoltville Highway to the Sports Complex), Northwest Main (from Osceola toHoltville Highway), and Holtville Highway (from 14 Bypass to Micanopy). (J.Barrett) (first)

10.  Permission for Village Artist to hostArtwalk on Court St. the first Friday of every month.

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