Council Agenda



Council Meeting

Monday,November 18, 2019

WetumpkaCity Hall, 212 S. Main St.

6:00p.m. Work Session/Council Meeting to follow but no later than 7:00 p.m.



Citizensí Comments (Ord. 2016-8)

Reports of:

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        Call to Order   MayorJerry Willis


        Pledge of Allegiance

        Roll Call

        Approval of Minutes-Council Meeting held on November4, 2019.


Old Business:

1.     Ordinance 2019-11 amendment to the lodging tax ordinance. (City Attorney)(second read)

2.     Permission to purchase four police vehicles off state bid contract. (G.Benton) (second)

3.      Permission to re-stripe aportion of Love Lane, Jasmine Hill Rd. and Harrogate Springs Rd. for a cost of$14,545. (T. Grier) (second)

4.     Permission to purchase three pickups from state surplus not to exceed$67,000. (T. Grier) (second)

5.     Approve electrical services for utility building. (G. Willis) (second)


New Business

1.     Permission to enter into memorandum of understanding with the Board ofEducation for School Resource Officers.

2.     Permission to purchase Christmas decorations for new light poles to matchcurrent decorations.

3.     Permission to purchase recreational equipment for the MLK RecreationalCenter.

4.     Ordinance 2019-___  dog tetheringordinance. (first read)

5.     Permission for the Order of Cimarron to host Mardi Gras activities inGold Star Park on February 22, 2019.

Announcements & Adjourn