Guiding Documents

Act 2009-498To amend Section 11-52-30 of the Code of Alabama 1975, relating to the territorial jurisdiction of a municipal planning commission outside of the corporate limits of the municipality; to provide a procedure by which a municipal planning commission may establish a planning jurisdiction which extends less than five miles from the corporate limits of the municipality.Guiding Document
Act No. 2012-297To amend Sections 11-52-1, 11-52-30, 11-52-31, 11-52-32, and 11-52-33, Code of Alabama 1975, to provide for the county commission to be responsible for the development of subdivisions in the extraterritorial jurisdiction of a municipal planning commission if the county has adopted subdivision regulations unless an agreement is executed between the county, the municipal planning commission, and the municipality to provide for the municipal planning commission to be responsible for subdivision development or unless the municipality and the municipal planning commission under certain conditions specifically vote to override the county's exercise of jurisdiction; to provide that when the municipal planning commission is responsible for the development of subdivisions, the county engineer would certify the plats and maps for filing once approved by the municipal planning commission; and to repeal Sections 11-24-5 and 11-52-36, Code of Alabama 1975.Guiding Document
Act No. 2014-332To amend Section 11-52-33, Code of Alabama 1975, relating to municipal subdivision development; to provide that nothing in the section shall impair or limit a valid and enforceable contract for the purchase or sale of any lot in a proposed subdivision within the jurisdiction of a municipal planning commission; and to add a new Section 11-24-2.1 to the Code of Alabama 1975, to allow the county engineer to authorize the developer to secure pre-sale agreements for a proposed subdivision development in the unincorporated areas of the county under certain circumstances.Guiding Document
BylawsBylaws of the Wetumpka Planning Commission.Guiding Document
Flood Damage Prevention OrdinanceRequires that uses vulnerable to floods, including facilities which serve such uses, be protected against flood damage at the time of initial construction; restricts or prohibit uses which are dangerous to health, safety and property due to water or erosion hazards, or which increase flood heights, velocities, or erosion; controls filling, grading, dredging and other development which may increase flood damage or erosion, and; prevents or regulate the construction of flood barriers which will unnaturally divert flood waters or which may increase flood hazards to other lands.Guiding Document
Ordinace 99-4Zoning Ordinance of Wetumpka, ALGuiding Document
Ordinance 2001-8Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance (99-4) that establishes criteria for landscaping off-street parking areas.Guiding Document
Ordinance 2012-14Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance allowing billboards only in districts B-1, B-2, M-1, and M-2. Guiding Document
Ordinance 2013-9Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance affecting the definition of "building height," the maximum building heights in each district, and districts in which assisted living facilities are allowed.Guiding Document
Ordinance 2014-1Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance involving off-street parking requirements for residential districts.Guiding Document
Ordinance 2014-3Amendment to Zoning Ordinance (99-4) that establishes distance requirements for deferred presentment services, pawnshops, and sexually-oriented businesses.Guiding Document
Ordinance 2017-7Ordinance adopting Building and Fire Codes.Guiding Document
Ordinance April 20, 1950An Ordinance to Provide for the Establishment and Maintenance of a Municipal Planning Commission for the City of Wetumpka, Alabama, and to Prescribe its Power and AuthorityGuiding Document
Strategic PlanStrategic Plan for the Wetumpka Planning CommissionGuiding Document