1995-3-14Includes preliminary approval of Crystal Creek Subdivision.Planning Minutes
1995-8-31Includes subdivision of tract "off Jasmine Hill Road."Planning Minutes
1996-10-12Preliminary Approval for Bent Creek SubdivisionPlanning Minutes
1996-11-18Includes approval of Lancaster Place SubdivisionPlanning Minutes
1996-12-16Includes discussion of "Wetumpka Municipal Airport Height Zoning Ordinance."Planning Minutes
1997-11-10Includes preliminary approval of Wellington Estates.Planning Minutes
1997-2-10Includes approval of subdivision for William Brown "off Highway 9," final plat approval for Jasmine Hill Estates Plat No. 4.Planning Minutes
1997-3-10Includes discussion of Lancaster Plat 1-A and final plat for Martin Austin Estates.Planning Minutes
1997-4-14Includes final plat for Stone River Plat No. 1.Planning Minutes
1997-5-12Includes final plat of Huckleberry Hill Phase II, sketch plan for Eagle Creek, sketch plan for Cotton Lakes, sketch plan for Martin Estates "west of 231 North."Planning Minutes
1997-7-14Includes final approval for North Creek Forest Phase II, preliminary approval of Cotton Lakes Plat Nos. 1 and 2, sketch plan for Lancaster Plat No. 2.Planning Minutes
1997-8-11Includes preliminary approval of Eagle Creek.Planning Minutes
1997-9-8Planning Minutes
1998-01-12Includes River Oaks 4 and 5.Planning Minutes
1998-02-9Includes Autauga Street SubdivisionPlanning Minutes
1998-03-9Includes Autauga Street SubdivisionPlanning Minutes
1998-04-13Includes discussion of a "plat plan" and Longview Springs Subdivision proposal.Planning Minutes
1998-05-11Planning Minutes
1998-06-8Includes final approval of plat submitted by Joe Fowler, final approval of River Oaks Subdivision Plat IV, and preliminary (?) approval of Longview Springs Subdivision.Planning Minutes
1998-07-13Includes final approval of Cotton Lakes Plats 1 and 2 and preliminary approval of an amendment to Eagle Creek Plat No. 1.Planning Minutes
1998-08-10Planning Minutes
1998-09-14Planning Minutes
1998-10-12Includes sketch plan approval for Twin Peaks Subdivision and discussion of First Street in North Wetumpka.Planning Minutes
1998-11-9Discussion of private road accessing 413 Wildwood Lane and preliminary approval of Twin Peaks Subdivision.Planning Minutes
1998-12-14Includes discussion of Huckleberry HIll Plat No. 3 (postponed) and discussion of proposed zoning ordinance.Planning Minutes
1999-02-1Includes final approval of Wellington Estates Plat No. 1.Planning Minutes
1999-02-8Includes sketch plan approval for Lancaster Place Phase II, final approval for plat amendment for Airey SubdivisionPlanning Minutes
1999-03-8Includes public hearing for proposed zoning ordinance and preliminary approval of an unidentified subdivision located off of HWY 9.Planning Minutes
1999-04-12Includes preliminary approval of Lancaster Place Phase II and final approval of a plat amendment for lots on Osceola Street, and discussion of the proposed new zoning ordinance.Planning Minutes
1999-05-10Includes recommendation of proposed new zoning ordinance, preliminary approval of an amendment to Eagle Creek Plat No. 1, final approval of Twin Peaks Subdivision, and approval of site plans for Riverview Apartments Phases I and II.Planning Minutes
1999-07-12Includes denial of Lancaster Place Phase II and approval of plat amendment for River Oaks Phase IV.Planning Minutes
1999-10-11Includes final approval of Lancaster Place Phase II and subdivision of property at US 231 and Bell Street.Planning Minutes