Wetumpka Coastal Impact Crater Project Development History
  • Early State Geologic Survey discovered anomaly that was later thought to be Impact Crater
  • Dr. David King of Auburn University proved Wetumpka's Official Coastal Impact Crater in 1998
  • First Wetumpka Impact Crater Tour sponsored by Auburn Astronomical Society in 1998
  • Wetumpka Impact Crater Commission® (WICC)  created by City & County Resolutions in 2003
  • The City & WICC obtained the 25 acre exibition site on US 231 in 2004
  • WICC and Auburn University initated annual Lecture and Tour series in 2005
  • WICC & ECEDA developed grant for Master Plan development in 2006
  • Gresham Smith and Associates Finished the site Master Plan in 2008
  • Wetumpka / ECEDA hired AUM to complete a Resource Map in 2010
  • Wetumpka / ECEDA set-up Auburn Architectual Design Competition in 2011
  • WICC initiated several projects in 2011 including: 
    Alabama Tourism grant for Brochures, Web-page and Site Signage
    Appalachian Regional grant to develop Tourist Assett Plan & Project Governance
    Developed and adopted WICC Bylaws
  • The Gateway Corporation, a non-profit 501 (c)3 organization, was established to plan, develop,
    build, operate and maintain the Alabama Impact Crater Interpretive Center on the U.S. Highway 231

Notes relating to WICC  Development

May/June 2002: The Elmore County Commission and the Wetumpka City Council passed resolutions establishing a Wetumpka Impact Crater Study Commission that will comprise of four members from the county and four from the city, with the city and county naming a chaIrperson. At least one member, but not more than two, appointed by each body will live on land within the crater.

September 26, 2002: The group considered the idea of appointing a chairperson but decided to wait until the need arose. Hazel Jones was nominated, and unanimously elected, to serve as the Crater Commission’s Coordinator (from minutes).

June 2003: The Elmore County Commission and the Wetumpka City Council approved ordinances making the Wetumpka Impact Crater Study Commission a permanent Impact Crater Commission. Two additional members, one from the city and one from the county would be added. There is no mention of how a chairperson will be named.

August 5, 2003: Hazel Jones agreed to be chairperson and Rebecca Hall agreed to take notes (from minutes). There is no mention of how this came up.